Blast from the Past (1999) – Darkstar Icon Page Restored!

Back when I was drafting the original version of Coming of the Darkstar, a friend I'd met through the story, Edhan, created a page as a gift. On it, he'd placed the original FFIV and stylized FFVI sprites (which he created himself) for all the Darkstar main characters. He also created a bunch of "NOW"... Continue Reading →


New Wayrift Tumblr Mirror

Wayrift now has its own dedicated Tumblr mirror blog! Going forward, all Wayrift updates will be made on this Tumblr, instead of my main Tumblr. There's a few reasons for that: Not everyone who follows my main Tumblr may want to see Wayrift updates Not everyone who wants to follow Wayrift may want to see... Continue Reading →

Moving Time

I've owned the domain since 2001. Sadly, I've never done a whole lot with it. It's mostly served as a hub site and host domain for my many online projects. A few times, I turned it into a blog. But then, I decided to rebrand that into something more personal, and became a... Continue Reading →

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