Blast from the Past (1999) – Darkstar Icon Page Restored!

Back when I was drafting the original version of Coming of the Darkstar, a friend I’d met through the story, Edhan, created a page as a gift. On it, he’d placed the original FFIV and stylized FFVI sprites (which he created himself) for all the Darkstar main characters. He also created a bunch of “NOW” link buttons, which was all the rage back then.

In 1999, we used free hosting sites, such as Geocities, for our HTML projects. He hosted his on the Singapore host ( which no longer exists. When I was moving the Darkstar site to its new home on WordPress a few weeks back, I noticed the original page was gone, and was a little sad. I’ve fallen way out of touch with Edhan over the years, and this was a good memory I wanted to keep.

Well, sad no longer!

I was doing a routine file backup today and realized that before his site was taken down, I’d had the foresight to save it! Today, I uploaded the html backup and linked it in the Darkstar fan gallery. So, now, you can visit a slice of 1999 in the form of a backup of the original Darkstar Icon gallery!!

And, yes. This was considered cool website design back then. 😉


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