New Wayrift Tumblr Mirror

Wayrift now has its own dedicated Tumblr mirror blog!

Going forward, all Wayrift updates will be made on this Tumblr, instead of my main Tumblr. There’s a few reasons for that:

  • Not everyone who follows my main Tumblr may want to see Wayrift updates
  • Not everyone who wants to follow Wayrift may want to see my other stuff
  • I just discovered a great Tumblr theme just for webcomics, and it makes more sense to create a back-up archive than it does to continue posting random updates to my main Tumblr

Awesome Theme Ahoy!

Just let me say that the Simple Webcomic Theme is fantastic! One thing that always prevented me from posting a webcomic primarily to Tumblr was that there wasn’t a solid webcomic theme with the kinds of features this one has.

If you’re looking to create a webcomic on Tumblr, please check it out!

Things to Know

Now, here’s a few things about this new Wayrift mirror site. I attempted a full export and import to Tumblr, and it failed due to the huge export size. I expected that.

What that means is, I couldn’t move the entire archive from WordPress to Tumblr. This is okay, because Wayrift will continue hosting at as it always has.

Instead, I chose to start the new mirror site updates from the beginning of Book 3, which means the start of the current chapter – Chapter 73. Since I believe that most people follow Wayrift on Tumblr to see the new updates, this shouldn’t be a big deal.

I’ll be updating the Tumblr site with information on where to go to read the archives and stuff like that.

Also, Wayrift is a side blog to my main Tumblr account. That means Wayrift can’t Follow or Like other Tumblr blogs.

You can send Asks to Wayrift, but in order to prevent Asks from appearing in the Wayrift comic archive there, they will all be answered privately.

Annd… I think that’s about it! Follow this Tumblr for future updates!


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