Moving Time

I’ve owned the domain since 2001. Sadly, I’ve never done a whole lot with it. It’s mostly served as a hub site and host domain for my many online projects.

A few times, I turned it into a blog. But then, I decided to rebrand that into something more personal, and became a hub site again.

Well, that’s all changing, one more time. I don’t want to get too long-winded and technical, but due to hosting issues, I’ve been steadily moving my many project blogs off of a self-hosted site to

Yeah, I know that usually, you hear people doing the opposite – moving off of to something self-hosted. But, I promise you, the kind of issues I was having with my host (though I’ve been a customer there for a long time) made it so that even the smallest blog post was a chore to create.

As of right now, all of my projects except Dreigiau and Wayrift have moved. I may still move Dreigiau off, but I haven’t decided yet. The only reason I still keep the host is because Wayrift, a webcomic of over a decade, is so huge that it’ll probably take a lot of time and effort to transfer.

And then, I’m just uncertain about where to transfer it to. It’s large with a lot of moving parts and special requirements. For now, it’s still running, so I’m leaving it be.

The rest of my projects are much smaller and more mobile. There’s a few changes to the lineup, however.

I’ve split apart Shimmer and Shadows of Zot again, for example. That was in part due to theme restrictions. Zot is fiction and just didn’t fit well with a webcomic layout.

As for, I need to leave it pointing where it is for now. I’m using it to redirect all the old URLs to the new WordPress sites. Soon, I’ll redirect Sygnus itself to this blog.  I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to do with this blog, if anything. I already have so many projects as it is!

So that’s the state of affairs for all the Sygnus projects. I’ve moved the bulk of the content over, but there may still be links, images and other pages not quite right just yet. I’m working on getting this cleaned up in the time that I have.


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